January 2013

Forth Systems has merged with Fosse Liquitrol, the Whetstone based oil and chemical spill control specialist.   Mike Claridge of Forth Systems and Miles Hillmann, of Fosse,  say “the combination of two strong brands, LIQUITROL and ENPAC creates a potent force in the spill control market both in the UK and abroad”.

The fire at Fosse Liquitrol’s warehouse in Whetstone 2 years ago resulted in a rebuild of a larger state of the art warehouse that has just opened.  This provides the facility to relocate the activities of Forth Systems to Whetstone.   

The two companies fit well together.  Fosse Liquitrol has strength in providing spill control solutions to a range of companies from the aerospace, engineering, petrochemical, waste management and food industries to transport and hospitals, with its range of absorbents, spill kits, bunded storage and marine products.  Forth Systems has over the past 20 years, developed the renowned ENPAC spill containment range in the UK and Ireland. 

The amalgamation of the two companies provides their UK distributors with a stronger, wider product range and will continue to be backed by the technical expertise of both Forth and Fosse. In Fosse Liquitrol’s rapidly growing export markets the merger will be advantageous. Miles says “the strength of internationally renowned brands, like ENPAC, are important to the oil majors who are keen to access the best quality spill control products on the market”

Contact Mike Claridge on 01234 717007 or  07768 392050 for additional information.

Mike and Miles at the new Fosse Warehouse


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