Forth Systems Ltd and Fosse Ltd Merger

We are pleased to announce that Forth Systems will soon be fully absorbed into Fosse.
As you are probably aware, since Fosse purchased Forth Systems in January 2013 the two companies have been running side-by-side.
The transition will commence on 1st September 2019 and from that date all orders received will be fulfilled by Fosse Ltd and all correspondence will reflect this situation.
All pricing, products and support procedures will remain unchanged and we intend to incorporate the best features of all our extended product lines and services for the future.
The completion of the merger operation, commenced in 2013, will bring numerous benefits to all parties and will lead to exciting times ahead.

Enpac’s Poly-Dolly – still the best!

Enpac’s Poly Dolly has often been copied but has never been bettered. With its unique patented enclosed 300 litre sump, easy one person loading operation and the ability to move it just like a wheelbarrow, Poly-Dolly is probably the best way to transport, dispense and handle a 205 litre drum.

New Overpack Lids

Enpac’s Overpack 95 has been remodelled with a new double start thread requiring only half a turn to secure tightly. The lower profile and reshaped lid creates a safer and stronger nested stack for storage. UN specification remains at UN 1H2/X295/S.